Ozg™ is a very popular name in legal world. 

Ozg offers tech-enabled legal solutions in association with large no. of practitioners at all the major cities. 


Ozg was founded at London in 2006 with a small group of senior corporate-legal experts and practitioners.


Ozg offers legal advisory & solutions to the medium and large size businesses and institutions by arranging interactions with Ozgian (members of Ozg, those are either legal practitioners or experienced professionals). Ozgian comes from different areas of specialization and are well known for their work locally. Find more about them at ozgian.com


Client interactions with Ozgian include online consultations, virtual meetings, reports and presentations.


Ozg works by the principle of Project Management and for each project it gathers a highly qualified team of experts.

📛 Our name has been recommended by officials at various ministries, RBI, and Enforcement Directorate.

📛 Ozg become most popular on the Internet in the last decade, the majority of search results of RBI/FEMA/FDI/FCRA-related questions belong to Ozg.

📛 Success Assured - Our case assessment services offer you 99.99% assured success and peace of mind before placing your case with us. 

📛 Top Ranked Quality Services with 24hrs Support. We are associated with the best-performing AD banks in all cities, offering you the fastest processing of FEMA-related transactions, RBI approvals, and compliance filings, etc. 

Legal / ED Summons / Police Case - 

The in-person appointment is available with Ozg Lawyers for litigation matters. 

📌 20+ years of experience.

📌100% transparency and fully tech-enabled services.

📌 No unethical practices, no bribing, etc.

📌 Reputed clientele across the country.