What are the documents required to open an NRI Demat Account?

The following are the documents required to open an NRI Demat Account – 

  1. A duly filled account opening form and signed by the account holders.
  2. Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) letter of approval issued directly by the Reserve Bank of India to the NRI applicant. 
  3. Passport-sized photograph of the account holder with their signature across the photo.
  4. Scanned copy of PAN card
  5. Overseas address proof of the holder.
  6. Copy of Visa and passport
  7. A cancelled cheque of the NRO/NRE bank accounts has to be linked to demat account.
  8. Photograph and signature of the nominee for using the nomination facility of the demat account. 

All the above documents should be attested by the Notary, Banker or Indian Embassy of the country where the NRI resides.